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About Entroids

Why we made Entroids

As product managers in engineering new product development, we used MS Project, smartsheet and many other tools. Nothing worked. We realized that several of our peers felt the pain too.

Engineering NPD requires more than task management and collaboration tools. Entroids integrates all the important NPD tools in one. It includes task tracker, milestone manager, product requirements manager, risk manager in a easy to use online tool.

Entroids works with Stage-Gate and Lean Canvas

You have heard of StageGate method and some newer methods like Lean Startup for developing new products. Entroids is not another method like these but it is one convenient tool to manage all NPD needs no matter if you use StageGate, Lean Statup or any other method.

Entroids works for all types of NPD projects

Entroids works for all types of product development whether you are developing a evolutionary product like a major redesign or a revolutionary product like the first Iphone.

Evolutionary products have set customer expectations whereas revolutionary products usually have none before the launch. This creates different risk profiles for each project type and also requires different tactics in execution.

Entroids has specific tools to work on nay type of engineering NPD

Several Great Principles One Simple Solution

We learnt from experts and packaged the principles in a easy to use practical tool. Some of the sources of inspiration are below;

  • The Lean Startup By Eric Ries
  • Business Model Generation By Alex Osterwalder
  • Execution By Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan
  • First Things First By Stephen Covey
  • Mastering Lean Product Development By Ronald Mascitelli
  • The 4 Disciplines Of Execution By Chris McChesney & Sean Covey

Entroids implements the Think-Plan-Do framework for execution

In the world of engineering NPD, the only thing certain is uncertainty. There are fires to put out, market and competitive actions etc. calling for flexible and lean execution. Entroids THINK-PLAN-DO framework makes strategic alignment of daily actions a breeze. Contniuous strategic alignment is maintained because of the three tier structure that ties the top level ‘needs’ to the actions team members perform.

Builtin tools to manage the Four pillars of execution

There are four key pillars of activity in every new product development project. These are business plan, product requirements, project risks and managing milestones. Success largely depends on ow these areas are managed in execution. Entroids provides four visual tools to manage the four pillars. Create tasks and actions for each item in the four areas and visually track them.

Does your NPD tool have a zoom button?

Imagine planning a long road trip without the zoom button in google maps? What if you had to plan through several pages just to look up something on the other end of your trip?

You are surely saying that is stupid? That is why you the have zoom function in any mapping software. Engineering NPD is like a journey. There are twists and turns along the way, just a like a road trip. Now do you have the zoom function in your NPD project management tool? You have to pan through several rows of tasks just the old way of mapping.

Entroids three tier framework gives you the ability to zoom into the details of actions, with a few mouse clicks, in any areas of the four pillars in execution.

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Visit our social media pages for curated content on all topics valuable to engineering NPD professionals. On our blog we share original content on relevant topics including, project management, innovation, marketing, planning, startup topics etc. We also provide a vault of simple and useful tools that are free to download. In the videas section we provide relevant short videos on everything related to NPD. Please visit our blog and engage with your thoughts.

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About the people

Vijay K (CEO)

Vijay has over 15 years experience in electronics and electrical manufacturing. He has rounded experience in product management, project management and product marketing

Email: vijayk@entroids.com

Chandra G (CMO)

Chandra has over 20 years experience in automotive, marine & electrical equipment industries. His focus currently in on front end development and innovation in engineering product development

Email : chandrag@entroids.com

Vamsi V (CTO)

Vamsi has over 12 years at various levels in IT. With several years in financial industry, his expertise is data security and database management. He also advices several IT developers on web application development.

Email: vamsiv@entroids.com

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