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Features Include

Requirements Manager

Development product features that matter

Plan and run technology learning experiments and develop the right features faster and correctly. Graphical dashboard shows features in terms of customer value and effort required.

Risk Manager

Mitigate development and market risks

Systematically mitigate risks with planned tasks that can be automatically tracked. Visual dashboard plots risks in terms of probability of occurrence and impact to business

Milestone Tracker

Weave the path to product success with milestones

works with Stage Gate or any other NPD method. See in real time how the deliverables impact the milestone date.

Business Model Canvas

One page business plan for new product hypothesis

Nine segments of the canvas captures the key underlying assumptions in any new to the world idea or product. Systematically, validate each assumption through experiments and refine your product or idea

Task Tracker

Manage all the mitigations, experiments, deliverables in a Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt Chart with zoom and paging. See tasks in list or graphic view.

Current Activities Dashboard

Manage all he mitigations, experiments, deliverables in a Gantt Chart

Keep all the important nugget sized activities in front of you. See who is doing what on your team at all times

Mobile & computer interface

Enhanced user experience for productivity and effectiveness

Multiple views capability for team or personal view. All tools have graphic and tabular views. All tabular views can be sorted and filtered for custom views.

Built-in alerts and diagnostics

Quickly find out what slipped through the cracks

Automatic alerts for overdue tasks and activities bring attention to what is behind. See individual team member and team performancce

Unlimited projects upto 10 users, free forever!

For Enterprise users more than 10, please contact us

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  • Managing engineering product development is not easy. MS Project and Smart Sheet are disappointing at best. That is why we developed Entroids.
  • We are creating a new category in project management and this requires us to do things differently.
  • Our current focus is to make Entroids easily accessible, so that we can advance our research in developing a better tool for engineering NPD.
  • Our only expectation in return is that you will engage in rolling out new and exciting features to advance the science of new product development.